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Kuromon Ichiba Market

There is nothing like the sensory overload and vibrant energy that one experiences while walking through one of these magical areas. Hordes of customers bustle about, bargaining with vendors for their wares of goods that are artfully arranged in piles around stalls and along aisles. The aromas of fresh and cooked food alike swirl around in the air while the sounds of live music and many languages being spoken all at once attack the ears.

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My First 24 Hours In Japan: The Start Of A Love Affair

After a very long and tiresome journey, I wanted nothing more but to curl up in bed, but I was cold and hungry so I stopped inside a brightly lit, yellow noodle shop down the street from my hostel. Japanese novellas played from a television on the wall and I could see the cooks eating through the open kitchen. Communication was futile for me, so I took a chance and merely pointed to the bowl of the man sitting next to me. What luck I have, It turned out I ordered ramen with pork belly!

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