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Meadow Lark Farm Dinner at McCauley Farm

Within hours of landing in Denver, Colorado, I was riding high in an open-air, bright red Jeep Wrangler, alongside a white wolfish looking German sheppard and my childhood friend who had picked me up. We were cruising towards Boulder, and then on just a bit further into farmlands with a specific destination in mind. McCauley Family Farm was where we were headed, for a meal I had waited years to experience. 

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Ignorance Is Bliss

While I do want to be knowledgeable about the world, there are certain truths about our existence that I would rather not know. Unfortunately, curiosity usually gets the better of me and I cannot help but to seek answers, even for information I know will upset me. The phrase “curiosity killed the cat” is indeed yet another warning against ruthless snooping. In this particular case I will trust the many wise proverbs that are so blatantly discouraging me in my wonderment at one specific question that has forever plagued humanity. What is in a hot dog?

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