Private Chef

I specialize in the preparation of customized meals focused on fresh farm to table concept in your home or office space. Whether for a party of one, couple, family with children, or small workspace, I can tailor daily or weekly menus, shop for, cook and present delicious meals that satisfy a range of preferences and/or dietary restrictions.

In addition to the basics, my experience also includes vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, and calorie sensitive styles of cooking. Typically, my prepared meals will be waiting for you when you return home, as well as additional meal prep and grocery management for your household. In each session, I will prepare one to three meals as agreed upon.

Personalized private chef services ensure that you can enjoy nutritious home-cooked and inspiring meals without the stress or time commitment involved in planning, shopping, preparing and clean up. Please contact me for proposals and pricing.


Cooking Lessons

Cooking lessons and consulting services are also available for you, your friends and family, or your staff. From simple lessons on how to more efficiently build a grocery list and quickly shop the aisles, to tweaks for kitchen organization and easy cleanup, small changes can help ease the stress of cooking. Additionally, menu planning and in-house cooking lessons can help you achieve competency in preparing meals.

Whether your desire is to learn a few simple favorite dishes or to improve your understanding and increase your confidence on all cooking methods, I can work with you to come up with a personalized course of action.

My style of cooking is based on how to best utilize available ingredients to create harmonious flavor profiles. My goal of teaching is to impart the understanding that anyone can cook if they just understand which simple technique can make an ingredient shine.