A Culinary Experience

to Ignite The Senses

Brassica Steaks

With Pickled Grapes and Orange Tarragon Vinaigrette

Brassica Steaks Recipe
Brassica Steaks Recipe

How to clean out and stock your kitchen so that you are ready for anything!

Creating seasonal meals that nourish

body and soul

A health focused approach to serving and showcasing beautiful, delicious food

Private Chef & Catering

It brings me no greater joy than to create a beautiful experience for others to remember. I specialize in preparing and presenting family-style, bountiful platters composed of farm-to-table, seasonal ingredients. I cater to private celebrations of up to 30 people, from retreats to corporate events, family brunches, romantic dinners or anything else that you might dream up and find yourself in need of my services.

Menu & Recipe Consultation

I find recipe and menu development to be one of the most creatively rewarding aspects of working in the food realm. With over a decade of experience, I have worked in many different capacities, from magazine publication test kitchens, to freelance recipe development for websites, to the curation of menus for special events. Whether a business is in need of consultation services to update menus, or in need of unique recipes, I create cohesive menus and standardized recipes keeping health and seasonal ingredients at the forefront of development.

Food Styling

Whether you are a brand looking to bring life to a product, a restaurant in need of a creative boost, or a blogger who would like to outsource recipe photography, I can work with you to develop a vision and execute all aspects of styling and photography for your business.

Meet Kristina

Kristina’s passion is to help others using the principles she has learned throughout her own life experiences. She has a unique health history and has learned how to overcome or manage a number of autoimmune and other health issues through food and lifestyle choices.

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